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Freelance Music & Entertainment Writer

Matt Derraugh

My personal approach in the writings you see on this site as is follows:

A combination of standard music and culture reviews and commentary a la Rolling Stone, Loudwire and NME and the free-flowing style of a freelance blogger; laced with some of my own humour, insight and linguistic style wherever they fit in. As can be seen in the About Me section, my direct and honest take on things is largely informed by my own experience and tastes as a musician and music listener. If you have any more questions or have a record, song or something else musically related you want me to write about, feel free to contact me personally.


About Me

Hi, I'm Matt Derraugh. I am an avid music lover, artist and writer who has been playing the drums for nearly 20 years and writing for just about as long. I graduated from the University of Winnipeg with a B.A. in Rhetoric, Writing and Communications and have previous experience around the Winnipeg jazz scene by participating in local jazz camps and jams. Currently, I am playing in a series of bands and pursuing careers in both playing music and writing about it, the two things I love the most. I hope to work with you soon!

Matt Derraugh