Music will find a way. That’s been the mantra of many a resilient artist over the last couple of months, and that goes for pop punk act The Great Heights Band as much as anybody. To make the most of things, they’ve released an aptly titled EP, Cabin Fever through Rad-Pop Records, doing their part to fill the gaping hole in the music world with a short test-batch of new material. 

The EP is all of five tracks, the first one “Off The Grid” sonically evoking standard pop-punk and emo aesthetics and lyrically lending a lot of relatability to the record with its decrying of being way too caught up in social media- and ultimately needing a refresher.Clutter” is more lively, diving into real-life dysfunction beyond the “relationships” of the Internet and the mental clouding that ensues. “Lonely Little Hell” strikes a more aggressive tone, catchy as all hell yet thoroughly introspective beyond vapid pop boilerplate.

“Sun” shifts from the darker edge of “Lonely Little Hell” back towards poppy melodic sensibilities a la Blink-182 and Green Day with a straightforward, strumming groove. “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” rounds out the record on an All Time Low-esque note, not quite as sing-songy as “Sun” but definitely a full, wholesome and direct song nonetheless. Ultimately, The Great Heights Band’s new fiver amounts to a cleanly produced and timely contribution to the Corona jukebox. While it treads the line and isn’t necessarily groundbreaking, Cabin Fever is nevertheless strong enough to have the average listener anticipating an even better full-length in due time.