Void Of Sleep- Metaphora Review

Italy’s had a rough go as of late for reasons we need not get into. Despite their circumstances, great music is still managing to seep out of its bounds and please the ears of the world. Void Of Sleep from Ravenna is one such example, releasing their latest LP in 5 years, Metaphora. Showing class and colour beyond the stomping confines of modern metal, Metaphora opens up with “The Famine Years”, a tasteful acoustic intro before launching into the 11-minute slammer “Iron Mouth”, marked by skillful choral harmonies and an interlude that reprises the album opener before expanding into a winding and voluminous 6-string jamout.

Waves Of Discomfort” follows the lengthy venture, a free-falling pit of atmospheric synths gradually involving the guitar and working its way to an explosion of overwhelming sound from all angles. “Unfair Judgements” shifts gears into a stoner-y plod, speaking, topically or otherwise of “a lethal virus in your brain” whilst describing and denouncing a “self-proclaimed human god.” “Master Abuser” cranks up the heavy while demonstrating Void’s progressive orientation, continuing over to the textured and versatile “Modern Man” in full, dynamic force. “Tides Of The Mourning” closes out the LP, a 10 and a half minute epic bringing together all of Void Of Sleep’s strengths and specialties and configuring them slickly for one last long, but certainly not tiring blast. 

Judging by the evidence presented here, Void Of Sleep is a crafty and unique piece of the modern metal soundscape and a great export from the boot of Europe. With plenty sonically to offer the world, the only suggestions for next time one could offer are (1)- more songs on the record, not as long next time and (2)- release more frequently! This is a band that could definitely go some places in terms of musical potential and the more often we hear from them, the better- or perhaps the time spent between albums is to get their product just crisp enough to put out and achieve the most satisfaction and praise from their listenership. Whatever it is, we could all use more of Void Of Sleep. If anything will keep you up after hours listening, it’ll sound like this.