BeginnerGuitarHQ’s Guide To Playing Like Mark Tremonti (THE FOURTH WALL COMES DOWN)!

A while ago, November to be exact, I reviewed Alter Bridge’s last record Walk The Sky (you can see that here). It’s fun for sure to write reviews of new LPs and EPs, concerts and music-related books, films, documentaries and the like, but for those who don’t play music or are just starting out it can be hard to grasp the technical aspects of the music and really be able to appreciate it for what it’s worth. Being a musician as well as a writer, I tend to describe songs that I listen to on records with language that is more known to musicians or is attuned to what I hear or even what visuals the select song elicits in my head. I realize that some of that may not be immediately comprehensible to the average listener, so I try not to get too lost in musical jargon or any sort of rabbit hole when I write these pieces up.

Thankfully, the Internet is a vast landscape of information, and there’s sites out there and people running them that can not only explain these types of things better and simpler than I can but show said people how to do these things for themselves. A site called BeginnerGuitarHQ in fact published an article specifically called “How To Play Guitar Like Mark Tremonti- Gear, Technique, Tone, Tips” a while ago, showing newcomer guitarists how to replicate the sound of the guitarist from Alter Bridge, the subject of my November review. Besides giving Tremonti his props for his unique approach, their article seamlessly covers all the basics of his style in easily understandable language, making it seem assuring and encouraging to a novice player reading that they can achieve much of the same skill and finesse by applying themselves with the steps listed at their disposal.

Everything from the scales, tone, solos and unconventional tunings Tremonti uses are laid out flat for any player to grasp on BeginnerGuitarHQ’s profile, in both words and demonstrative tabs. I’m not going to say too much more about it as it’s your job from here to click on the link above, check out the article and everything in it for yourself, apply it to your playing if you’re a fan of Tremonti or any of his projects and give the site some generous traffic while you’re doing it. Thanks for reading this and thank you for reading their article right after this, and as always stay tuned for more!