Mothers Of The Land- Hunting Grounds Review

Whatever the market for instrumental psychedelic rock bands may be, Vienna’s Mothers Of The Land has found a cozy spot within it. Following up their 2016 release Temple Without Walls, their 6-track follow up Hunting Grounds continues their journey to new entrancing, mesmerizing heights, letting the music simply do the talking for them where words cannot.

Harvest” starts with those ominous “Chop Suey!” acoustic chords, kicking into a winding harmonious number carried by its driving rhythm. “Hunting Grounds” rocks out a bit more, starting off with the same dual-guitar dynamics then graduating into a wah-soaked solo trading spectacle. “The Beast” dabbles with some mild heavy metal aesthetics, while “Queen Of The Den” starts off like The Doors’ “The End” before breaking into its own, the core of the song a spectacular slow boil of raw energy.

Two long numbers then remain: “Sanctuary” begins with a slight dose of folkiness then unfolds into a trippy epic, full of even more of the same punch as “Queen” and landing within the realm of comparison to Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath mixed together. “Showdown” on the other hand is pure Jimi, encompassing both the Hendrix attitude and the guitar prowess to boot; an excellent note to end on.

Some would look at a band like Mothers Of The Land and say that their lack of vocals and traditional radio-ready song structure is a shortcoming. They’re clearly missing the point, as in the case of bands like the Mothers it’s about creating an encapsulating, free-spirited musical essence, tuneage one can easily recline and get lost in. The Mothers Of The Land achieve that with flying colours on Hunting Grounds, and off of that precedent it’s safe to assume the next release will be even more orgasmic to the ears.

RATING: 4.5/5