Rising Steel- Fight Them All Review

Much like Firewind, France’s Rising Steel are on a mission to keep the core of power metal/heavy metal/etc. alive for generations to come. Their latest release Fight Them All fully reflects this objective, executed in an even stronger way than their debut Return Of The Warlord in 2016. The opener “Mystic Voices” makes for a strong entrance, a sonic thrashing stew of Testament and Revocation with Dio vocals to make it that much glorious. “Fight Them All” makes for a pure, undistilled dose of traditional metal jam-packed with medieval power, meanwhile “Steel Hammer” is a riffy, grooving trot down Maiden lane.

Blackheart” swings Rising’s solid brand of warrior-metal closer to the likes of Accept circa Blood Of The Nations and showcases some tasty guitar work, as does the chugging, hammering “Savage” with its Hammett-esque wah solo. “Gloomy World” opts for a slow but nevertheless deadly auditory stompdown, “Malefice” picks the pace back up and “Metal Nation” takes it straight up to neck-snapping Kill ‘Em All-style thrash with rapid, crushing riffs. “Pussy” treads along the lines of the 80s rock/metal lines of Scorpions, partially thanks to vocalist Emmanuelson’s accent that lends comparison to Klaus Meine. “Led By Judas” makes for a straight-ahead ripper (and chugger), while “Master Control” wraps up the record with quantum amounts of fiery axework and headbanging vigour.

On their second go, Fight Them All sees Rising Steel prove themselves as an act to watch out for in the stick-to-the-script movement in metal that has amplified in recent years. Their sophomore release makes leaps and bounds in quality and mixing from their debut, leading them on the right path towards more and more captivating and memorable music as they go forward. Given the level of improvement shown here, the world can only hope that we won’t have to wait as long for number three.

RATING: 4.5/5